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Description : 100g Kingbo RMA-218 Solder Flux Solder Paste for BGA PCB Repairing Brand : Kingbo Model : RMA-218 Volume : 100g The KINGBO RMA-218 is a high viscosity no-clean flux that can be used for rework- sphere or pin attachment to BGA- CGA and CSP packages- and assembly operations such as Flip ..
Ex Tax:₹490
Model: AMTECH RMA-223
RMA-223 PCB PGA BGA SMD Soldering Flux Paste, 10CC Syringe Convenient Tube..
Ex Tax:₹50
Brand: Relife Model: RL-420 UV
Soldering Paste 10cc Flux Grease RL-420-UV for Chips Computer Phone LED BGA SMD PGA PCB Repair Tool..
Ex Tax:₹100
Brand: Relife Model: RL-422-IM
Lead-free Halogen Solder Paste Special Flux For Maintenance Tools Safety Environmental Protection..
Ex Tax:₹160
No clean Electric Soldering Iron Paste No clean Electric Soldering Iron Paste
In Stock
Brand: Mechanic Model: MCN-UV80
No-clean Electric Soldering Iron Paste Flux Rosin Welding Fluxes For PCB/BGA/PGA/SMD..
Ex Tax:₹250
Brand: Mechanic Model: UV 223 (10cc)
No-Clean Welding Flux BGA Solder Ball Repair Solder Auxiliary Soldering Paste..
Ex Tax:₹190
Brand: Mechanic Model: MCN-UV50
No-clean Paste Flux Soldering Tin BGA solder flux Electric Soldering Iron Welding Fluxes For PCB/BGA/PGA/SMD..
Ex Tax:₹180
Brand: Relife Model: RL-423-UV
flux repair special solder paste solder oil soldering treasure for BGA Reball and chip solder, Original SMD BGA PCB No-Clean Solder Paste..
Ex Tax:₹180
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