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Brand: Relife Model: RL-223-OR
RELIFE RL-223-OR Solder Paste 100 g Phone BGA SMD PCB Reballing Repair Lead Free No Residue..
Ex Tax:₹590
Brand: Relife Model: RL-429
20ml Relife RL-429 Phone BGA Solder Hose Flux Paste Imported Raw Material for Better Soldering Maintenance..
Ex Tax:₹240
Brand: Relife Model: RL-421-OR
Strong activity Halogen free Relife BGA Flux Paste 10CC RL-420 RL-421 RL-422 Soldering Paste Flux BGA SMD PGA PCB Repair Flux..
Ex Tax:₹140
Brand: Mechanic Model: No.225
Soldering Flux Paste for iPhone Mobile Phone CPU BGA Chip Soldering Repair Special Solder Paste..
Ex Tax:₹220
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