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Brand: Sunshine Model: SS-007E
Ultra-fine Silver Wire Fly Line 0.007mm Jump Wire Circuit Dedicated Repair Flying Line For Mobile Phone Repair..
Ex Tax:₹349
Brand: Mechanic Model: FXV009
Mechanic FXV009 0.009mm 200M Superfine Silver Jump Wire For iPhone Fingerprint Motherboard Soldering Repair Ultra Fine Fly Line..
Ex Tax:₹379
Brand: Sunshine Model: SS-007D
SS-007D 0.01mm 150M pure copper soldering jump fly wire.Dedicated to iphone mobile repair motherboard fingerprint bridge..
Ex Tax:₹349
Brand: Mechanic Model: FX-9
 MECHANIC FX-9 0.02mm jumper wire for iPhone fingerprint repair / PCB BGA soldering point. Special material:  Pure copper wire line with conductive surface.  0.02 mm super precision diameter, portable, easy to be straightened. Insulated Jumper wire to avoid shortin..
Ex Tax:₹379
Model: UV Curing LED Light
5V USB UV Glue Curing Lamp LED Ultraviolet Curing LED Light for Refurbish LCD Screen Mobile Phone Circuit Board Repair Tools..
Ex Tax:₹499
UV Curable Solder Mask Green Ink UV Curable Solder Mask Green Ink
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Brand: Relife Model: RL-UVH901G
UV Curable Solder Mask Ink for PCB BGA Circuit Board Protect Soldering Paste Flux Cream Welding Fluxes Oil..
Ex Tax:₹129
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